An ISO 13485:2016 certified company 

Hello and Welcome to Greyfalcon Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, we know healthcare technologies. Our goal is to accelerate healthcare research by providing engineering solutions to bio-medical problems. We work closely with research institutes to help them in investigating  and understanding latest technologies, applying these as solutions to medical problems, validation and deployment of completed research. We also work closely with Pharma and Hospital research institutions to help them in finding engineering solutions to help them diagnose the diseases, improving operating environments and help build out patient care. Our manufacturing eco-system is helping these institutions in manufacturing high quality products with reduced time to market.

We believe it is now important to make healthcare solutions easy to use, affordable and help people lead a healthier life.


Rapid Prototyping


Our first product hits the market

nephrotron is CE certified, ultra low power, ultra compact, ultra hygienic, Android™ device based dialyzer reprocessing system.

The system supports simultaneous reprocessing of two dialyzers in less than eleven minutes, both high flux and low flux dialyzers and hemodia-filters can be reprocessed. The device operates over Bluetooth (BLE) technology, it rinses, cleans and tests membrane integrity and blood compartment volume before filling your dialyzer with sterilant. The dialyzers serial number can be captured with in-built bar code scanner and reprocessing status for each dialyzer is stored automatically in an .xls report and can print over WiFi or emailed to any registered mail ID of hospital staff. Each nephrotron system is shipped with a dual unit drip tray, a high definition 7 inch Android™ tablet, a water pressure gauge to measure water pressure supplied to the system and other accessories like blood port caps, test strips, PVC medical graded tubes for water connections along with user guide for installation and operation.

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